Get the Most Out Of Your Google AdWords Campaigns

Paid search for attorneys on Google and Bing/Yahoo is extremely competitive, but for very good reason. Business owners spent over $100 Billion on Google Ads last year (Yes Billion with a B), and law firms wouldn’t continue to invest so much into PPC with Google if it wasn’t making them a lot of money. With a comprehensive keyword and bidding strategy, and landing pages and websites that convert, your PPC campaigns can and should be be very lucrative. It’s not inexpensive, but with a market-based ecosystem to determine keyword costs, law firms should be able to optimize their conversion rates and intake funnels to make a consistent return on investment. You may even have other marketing sources where your CPA (cost-per new case) is lower than PPC, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t make PPC extremely profitable.

And while so many agencies still treat PPC like a science, paid search is without question both an art and a science. In the legal industry specifically, keywords are some of the most competitive on all of Google. Anybody can get into a bidding war on “car accident lawyer near me”, or criminal defense attorney (cityname). The real strategy comes in acquiring traffic from the thousands of other keyword variations, many of which don’t include ‘lawyer’ & ‘attorney’.

If you run a personal injury firm, are you bidding on insurance company names +offer +settlement, and other related queries? If you’re a criminal attorney, do you have campaigns around penal codes or pre-file investigations? If you’re a family law attorney, are you running campaigns by median household income and other demographic targeting? A deep, segmented keyword strategy and A/B testing can be the difference between mediocre PPC results and a massive return on investment. We will maximize your Google and/or Bing budgets with a bulletproof keyword and A/B testing strategy, minimize wasted ad spend, maximize conversion rates, and drive qualified leads & new cases.

In addition to strategic traffic acquisition, we focus on getting that visitor to convert post-click as well, on your website, your landing pages, and after they leave your website, via retargeting. We provide landing page design and A/B testing, to help convert the highest percentage of traffic possible.

All data, campaign analytics and media costs are 100% transparent, and you will know what’s making you money and what’s not. We’ve managed over $100 million in Google and Bing PPC budgets for law firms, and we’ve seen just about everything there is to see. So whether you’re currently investing in PPC and know you could be doing better, or you haven’t been able to make Google Adwords & PPC profitable yet for your law firm, you should talk to us.

We offer a comprehensive, detailed PPC campaign audit and analysis at no cost, for both Google Ads and Bing/Yahoo Ads. You can invite us as a read-only user to look at your campaigns. We can also do it live with you on the phone, via screenshare, if you don’t feel comfortable giving us read-only access. But if you’re investing competitively in PPC ($10k-$100k/month), getting a no cost audit of your campaigns and keywords from someone who’s been doing this since the inception of Google Adwords, probably makes a lot of sense:)