The skill set and disciplines involved with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are entirely different than those for 'SEO' or anything else online. Are your marketing dollars being maximized by the right people?


No fluff, no contracts, no hidden fees, no bureaucracy, no one-size fits all solutions, no upsell attempts for services you don't need. Just leads. And we purposely only work with a handful of firms so we can dedicate all our time & resources to them.


We don't make money unless you make money - the way it should be in performance based marketing. You'll have 24/7 access to all raw data, costs, & results from every one of your campaigns, including (recorded) phone calls, e-mails and/or live chats.

What’s happened to my law firm over the past 10 months is shocking. Our revenue from new cases has essentially quadrupled, and it’s entirely driven by our PPC and lead generation campaigns from Digital Marketing Arm. I’m blown away! Attorney Michael Bialys​​ | ​www.​DUI1guy.com​

Google Adwords Can Be Incredibly Lucrative.
Does Your Firm Have The Best Strategy in Place?


It requires a very calculated multi-tiered attack for companies who really want to set themselves apart & dominate their market(s).


60-90% of all Google searches are done on smartphones, so your PPC strategy should be entirely different than it is for desktop or tablets.


A/B test strategically and drastically increase your leads & conversions without increasing your advertising budget.


Conversion focused website and landing page development and design for companies serious about generating a lot of leads.


One of the most targeted and inexpensive ways to stay right in front of potential clients after they visit your website or landing pages.

References & Case Studies

Actual results from companies accross the U.S. ($10K - $150K monthly PPC budgets)

Erik Friis
Superior Law Center

Increased firm’s monthly revenue by 44% from SEM campaigns

“Almost all of our new client inquiries come from our internet campaigns. We’re generating on average of 278 leads per month from the web which is very substantial for a small law firm. 2013 will undoubtedly be the strongest year ever, and Steve and his team have been the driving force behind it.”

Michal Terani
Oakwood Legal Group

Over 3000 leads a month from nationwide PPC campaigns.

“Steve and his team are the real deal, I’d say at our peak they were generating us more than 3000 leads a month across the U.S. (44 states) from PPC. They are savvy with ALL aspects of search engine marketing and lead generation, analytics, conversion, strategy, mobile…all of it. Totally reliable and accessible too which we hardly ever got with the bigger agencies.”

Michael Bialys​​

Quadrupled monthly revenue from $47,000 to $183,000 in 10 months

“What’s happened to my law firm over the last 10 months is still hard to believe even for me. Our revenue has literally quadrupled, and it’s almost entirely due to our ​PPC ​and ​online ​lead generation campaigns ​that ​​Legal Marketing Arm manages. I’m blown away​!!​”

John Hager
Hager & Schwartz

85-90% of new cases from our Google and Bing campaigns

“My firm switched PPC providers after about 8 years from the company who was managing our website. it’s not really a comparison – Legal Marketing Arm’s numbers are about 40% better. Approximately 85% of our business comes from PPC now, which is fantastic. We knew right away they were experts I like that they don’t focus on SEO and everything else. I already referred other law firms and would refer anyone else looking to grow.”

Sergei Lemberg
Consumer Debt & Credit Solutions

Lowered cost-per-acquisition by 53% ($1,158 to $553).

“Having already invested millions of dollars into search marketing & display, we were very hesitant at first. Our law firm uses SugarCRM, phone call tracking and Google Analytics to track all of our leads and sales from our online marketing. Our cost-per-acquisition has literally gone from $1158 to $553 in 6 months – a decrease of 53%!”

John Crowley
The Crowley Law Firm

Increased revenue from $63,000/month to $104,000/month

“The second month I hired Steve and Legal Marketing Arm was the biggest month in the history of my law firm (in revenue). Fast forward 5 months later, and my annual revenue goal that forecasted for the end of 2012 has already been reached by August 15! Steve has truly been a blessing!”

John Griffith
Griffith Young & Lass PC

5-7 new leads per day from PPC campaigns

“Our phones are ringing off the hook. We’re growing way faster than anticipated from our Google & Bing campaigns that Steve & his team run. I was confident we’d be able to scale eventually but certainly none of us anticipated this much success this early. We’ve hired 2 more attorneys and plan on opening a downtown San Diego office next month! Nothing but great things to say about Steve”

Spencer Seyb
Seyb Law Group

Tripled firm’s revenue in under 90 days

“I built my firm off direct mail and referrals, in fact we never did any online marketing at all until May 2016. Then we were referred to Steve and now we have more new cases coming in than ever before. We’re retaining new clients from our PPC almost every day, and our cost-per-case is much less than direct mail. Exceeded expectations since before we even started!”

Scott Gettis
Precision Tax Relief

Averaging 475 leads a month from SEM campaigns

“We hired Steve & his team in June to manage our nationwide PPC campaigns, and we’ve already seen a big impact in less than 90 days. They’ve added about 25 new campaigns across multiple channels and we’re A/B testing new landing pages to increase conversion even more. They’ve been extremely involved and attentive and able to respond quickly to everything we’ve needed!”

Eric Campbell
National Family Solutions

Lowered cost-per-lead by 32%, increased conversion by 48%

“When you’re generating thousands of leads every month from the web, a decrease in cost-per-lead by $2.00/lead makes a tremendous difference. It’s all Steve his team at Legal Marketing Arm.”

David Krieger
Haines & Krieger LLC

270 leads per month through SEM & lead generation

“I have no problem saying Steve is one of the top producers our we’ve ever worked with at our firm. They are all really savvy marketers and they understand how to leverage Google and the search engines to generate a lot of business for us.”

Bill Brumbaugh, Vice President
John Hine Temecula Mazda

320 leads per month through SEM and lead generation!

“Steve has helped our dealership a great deal over the years with our SEM, lead generation, display and remarketing campaigns. We average 320 leads per month from our website, our SEM and lead generation campaigns. Steve is very knowledgable, trustworthy and he’s always there to answer my questions and give me his honest feedback on what’s best for our business.”

Ken Lippman, Owner
Another Side of San Diego Tours

21% increase in online sales in 4 months from all online marketing campaigns!

“Steve and his team have been optimizing large SEM, display and remarketing program for us on Google and Bing, where we market 25 service lines in 5 countries. In 4 months, we’ve already seen a 21% increase in sales from our search engine marketing! We can’t say enough about them, we know we can rely on them and all they care about is results.”

Adam Kleiner
Director of IT/Operations

Lowered cost-per-acquisition by 53%, from $1,158 to $553!

“Our law firm uses SugarCRM, phone call tracking and Google Analytics to track all of our leads and sales from our online marketing, so we can see all of our leads and sales numbers very clearly. Since hiring Digital Marketing Arm, our cost-per-acquisition went from $1158 to $553, in a matter of 6 months, a decrease of 53%!”

Dr. Sam Assassa M.D., Owner
Beverly Hills Aesthetics

Increased leads by 102 per month (170% increase), and reduced cost per lead by 44%!

“Steve and his team are fantastic! They’ve done an unbelievable job with our lead generation and SEM so far. We are getting approximately 4 out of 5 new patients from our ​Google campaigns! That is no small feat. I am extremely satisfied with my results.”

Seth Taylor
American Auto Insurance Holdings

Increased leads by 2,398 per month (80% increase), with a $12.78 reduction in cost per lead (38% decrease)!

“The data doesn’t lie, our leads and sales from the internet are higher than they’ve ever been since our inception, and our cost-per-lead has decreased by about 38%. We now get over 2000 more leads per month then we did in 2012 before Steve came onboard, at approximately 38% less/lead!”

Daniel Taheri, MD
LA Laser & Skin Center

Grew from 7 to 15 office locations due almost entirely to new patients from online marketing.

“Steve & Digital Marketing Arm has been one of the main reasons we’re one of the largest medical & cosmetic dermatology practices on the west coast. We’re getting an average of 635 new calls a month and about 220 e-mail leads per month from our online marketing campaigns!”

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Steve Ginsberg

Steve Ginsberg
Digital Marketing Arm

  • Managed over $50 million in Google Adwords & Bing Ad Center budgets for companies (since 2002)
  • Was the #1 SEM consultant worldwide at the largest digital marketing agency in the U.S (out of over 2200 employees)
  • Spoken nationally at conferences regarding search engine marketing & direct response lead generation for companies
  • Proven case studies with tangible, outstanding results from companies in highly competitive industries, in some of the largest markets in the U.S.

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